Content that drives traffic is great, but unless your income is based on ad revenue, it’s just the beginning.

That’s because content marketing is about business. Whether you’re trying to reach a new market, establish yourself as a thought leader, turn customers into brand advocates, or all of the above, content only matters when it helps you achieve your business goals.

It’s true that the traffic generated by your content helps your SERP ratings, increases brand recognition, and establishes thought leadership. But those things alone don’t pay the bills. Eventually, some of that traffic has to convert. It doesn’t happen overnight, but, when each piece of content has a purpose — getting you a step closer to accomplishing your business goals — you’re much more likely to see a solid return on your investment than brands focused solely on driving traffic.

What differentiates content that matters?

Content that matters is strategic. It’s content built around the answers to three questions:

Figuring out the answers to these questions is important not just for your overall content strategy, but for each piece of content, too.

That’s the key to creating content that matters.

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