Why choose me?

If you're here, you already know the impact of language. You know that words can draw your readers in or push them away. What you don't know is why you should hire me instead of one of the other thousands of freelance writers out there. What makes me different? Three things:

Start-to-finish message development
Good writers craft the message you request; great writers help you figure out what your message needs to be. They ask three questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do you want them to do/know/feel after they read your message?
  • Why is that important?

When you hire me as a freelance writer, we'll cover those three questions before the first sentence is written.

Voice duplication
Every organization has a voice: edgy, professional, chatty, etc. Unless you're doing a complete image reboot, you need a freelance writer who can match the voice of your existing messages. I can do that.

Technical expertise
Whether it's spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, etc., I have a mastery of the basics. If there are errors, I'll find them so you don't have to.


Quick-hit edits

Sometimes a document just isn't coming together...and it needs to go out now. Sometimes you think it's pretty darn good, but you just want an expert set of eyes to make sure there are no embarrassing mistakes. I can help you with that. Just $5/page for guaranteed same-day turnaround (my goal is to get it back to you within one hour).

  • From quick hits to long-term projects, I can help with any of your writing needs. I've written everything from web articles to technical manuals to video scripts, and I would love to discuss what I can do for you. When we start working together, I'll help you set clear goals for your project and make sure it accomplishes them.

  • Structural editing goes beyond proofreading. Do your ideas flow? Does your message come through loud and clear? Is there a clear call to action? I can help you make sure your document does what you want it to do.

  • I've developed training programs (both instructor-led and self-paced) for audiences ranging from hourly employees to multi-unit business managers. I'll help you determine what you need your employees to learn, how to help them learn it, and how to measure the program's success.

  • "Content is king" is the latest mantra. But what does it really mean? In a nutshell, content development is providing your customers and potential customers with useful information. It's building a relationship of trust, so that people turn to you first when they need the services you provide. I can help you establish your organization as a trusted authority in your niche.

  • Content development is useless without social marketing. Your content won't help you build trust or establish authority if nobody reads it. I can help you capitalize on social media to get your content in front of the people who need to see it.

  • Maintaining a social presence is no longer a nicety for businesses; it's a must. But trying to figure out what to say and when and where (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest...) to say it can be overwhelming and time-consuming. I can be your company's voice on social media so you can focus on the business.