Content marketing automation mistakes are killing your business

Marketing automation is absolutely critical for many businesses. Today’s marketplace is too big, too complex, and moving too fast to do everything manually. But don’t get too dependent on it, because there are a few content marketing automation mistakes that can kill your business. I see them in my email inbox almost every day.

7 annoying ways your website content makes customers hate you

My business is content marketing, but there’s no clear line between content marketing and business strategy. In the digital world, the two become so enmeshed that the average shopper doesn’t distinguish between bad content and bad business practices. They just know they don’t like it. Learn about the 7 website content mistakes that send customers straight to your competitors.


Patti is a rare breed of individual, whose skillset spans those of a content strategist, marketer, writer, and analyst. She can quickly grasp complex issues, cut through the noise, and develop ideas, material, and campaigns that resonate with audiences and produce results. She is fast, innovative, and resourceful, and able to think holistically about messaging, which make her an asset to any engagement. – Kristina Podnar, Digital Governance Consultant

“Patti has been incredible to work with these past few years. She always delivers high-quality content on time, and is always willing to work with us on edits and hop on content calls until the project has been complete. She’s a great addition to our marketing team!”
– Stephanie Roulic,
“Patti is one of the best writers I’ve ever worked with, and the content that she produces is consistently solid. She’s very thorough in her work, asks the right questions, and is incredibly open to feedback. I know that when Patti works on an assignment, she’ll handle it professionally and thoroughly. Highly recommend!” -Rachel Winstead, Content Manager

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