This is far shorter than my usual posts, but I finally came up with an example that illustrates the difference between a content writer with business expertise vs. a content writer with subject matter expertise:

I often feel like I’m the lone voice in the wilderness when it comes to insisting that, when selecting a content writer, business expertise is at least as important as technical expertise. I finally came up with an example that illustrates why I feel that way.

Let’s say a bakery has been using a new type of fondant that lets them create more innovative designs — like this beauty by Wilton — in less time. They’re so excited about it that they ask their content writer to find photographs of it being used to push the envelope in cake design and to write a paragraph for each cake that explains the baker’s technique.

A technical expert would find the best examples and write detailed descriptions of how the new product made those cakes possible.

A business expert would ask, “Why would you want to showcase your competitors’ best work?”

That’s the difference.