No, I’m not being weird. Well, not too weird. If you read my blog regularly, you probably know that I worked as a tour guide at Graceland throughout high school and college. That’s a quote from Elvis in the ’68 Special.

As usual, I tend to ignore best practices in favor of common sense. And that, for me, means not turning down paying work to write posts for my own blog. So please excuse the long absence, but I’ve been busy!

I also wanted to announce a new feature on nDash, a writing platform I’ve worked with since their inception. They recently started a marketplace where writers can offer pre-written blogs post or articles for purchase by businesses seeking content for their websites.

Here’s the link to my first piece of content on the marketplace: Did the Jetsons ever wonder if Rosie was a spy? It addresses IoT security, something we all need to know more about as we stock our homes with smart devices.

I encourage my fellow writers to give this new marketplace a try. You never know when the topic you just can’t get out of your head is exactly what someone out there is looking for.